Our Chef wants to give you a complimentary canapé course.

For a limited time, when you book your event* on a Friday or Sunday in The Fermenting Cellar or The Loftwe'll buy your canapés!

*Event must take place before the end of the calendar year.

It’s no secret that Saturdays take the cake for the most popular day of the week to get married. But there are some pretty compelling (and often overlooked) perks to Friday and Sunday nuptials...

  1. VENUE AVAILABILITY. Planning within a tight deadline? Your venue options really open-up when you warm-up to a less traditional date.

  2. GUEST AVAILABILITY. Chances are, they won't already be scheduled to attend any other couples' big day! Remember, some couples plan their wedding in just 3-6 months (which is also the average time frame for invitations to go out). With enough notice to your guests, they’ll be there.

  3. VENDOR AVAILABILITY. You won't have to worry about every DJ, photo booth or car service already being booked up!


From now until April 30th, when you book your event on a Friday or Sunday in The Fermenting Cellar or The Loft we'll buy your canapés!

The fine print:

  • Event must take place before the end of the calendar year with either a 5 station package or a 3+ course meal.
  • New evening or all-day event bookings only.
  • Contract must be signed by April 30th
  • The value of the complimentary canapés is not included in the minimum spend.
  • The complementary offer includes your choice of 3 selections from Chef's curated list for a total of 3 canapés per person offered during a 1-hour cocktail service.


Let's get acquainted. 

Tell us a little bit about you and your plans. We will get back to you within 48 business hours. 

We do it differently.
And we do it better because for us, every event and every client is unique.



(The not so humble brag.)

"I cannot speak higher of the Loft. First, and most importantly, the main thing we wanted was delicious food for our wedding. The Loft delivered that and then some. Everyone was raving about the food. We did the Southern BBQ buffet station and it was perfect. Not a single dish let us down. I had to request to shake the chef's hand after our event it was so good.

They made sure that my wife and I were fed and watered as well, which I was told by many other married people is sometimes difficult to guarantee on your big day with all of your hosting obligations. They were pros and it showed.

The venue itself was breathtaking. Everything was taken care of in terms of big things for décor by Distillery Events. Because all of the décor was handled, including table runners and beautiful chairs, we could focus on the little things that gave the event a personal touch. We just handled the cake, a donut wall, our centrepieces, and name cards. Distillery Events has a list of recommended vendors, but we were allowed to bring in whoever we wanted to work with.

The hanging lights and exposed brick give a beautifully rustic feel. Our guests used words like "magic" and "fairytale" to describe the atmosphere.

We thought it was perfect and exactly what we wanted. THANK YOU to everyone at Distillery Events for making the process so stress-free so that we could enjoy one of the biggest celebrations of our lives."
- 5-stars, L.L

Fridays Saturdays + Sundays

Canapés are on us.


(And not just weddings.)

Are you planning a different kind of event? Get Chef's complimentary canapés for your upcoming social or corporate event too!